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Friends International Support Group is a friendly cyber-community for people living with chronic pain.
The path may be difficult,
but together we are strong.

Friends International Support Group

Welcome to Friends International Support Group!

This is a friendly online-community for people living with chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, CFS, ME, Lyme disease and other chronic health problems. We offer support and information about symptoms, treatment and research. We are happy to share what might be working for us.

Equally important we offer a positive forum for social contact with people who will understand without judging. We share our experiences of how to live and enjoy life by what we have done to make our lives better in spite of health problems.

This board is the ongoing product of many people's dedication. Come meet our wonderful volunteers, and see if you find yourself at home!

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Articles published on this website are written by the editorial team or especially invited writers. The articles are not written by medical professionals. They are not medical articles/content and are not a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. The editorial team is presented at the About page listed above. If the article does not contain direct reference to the source of the data, please treat it as the personal opinion of the writer.


Introducing a new term: ‘invisible horizontal’!

Our support group has a member from Australia with sitting disability. She wrote this on an online magazine:

«And then one day, I took my invisibility cloak off. I bought, for a tidy sum, from the magical land of Norway, a wheel stretcher. It is like a wheelchair and an ambulance stretcher had a child with good suspension and a soft flat mattress. Suddenly, I have the uber-visible disability.» She also wrote: «Finally, through a web forum I find the answer. The diagnosis 20 doctors over 10 years couldn’t find. Lyme disease. It is confirmed by blood tests sent overseas, and by doctors who specialise in treating it….»

Friends International Support Group recognized in online health magazine

There are also several on-line information and discussion groups, including CO-CURE: the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Information Exchange (http://www.co-cure.org/readfm.htm); FIBROM-L: Fibromyalgia Discussion Group (http://www.fmscommunity.org/); and FMS-CFS Friends International Online Support Group (http://www.fms-cfsfriends.com/).
Psychology Today

Friends International made a webfilm!

Six Norwegian media students wanted to tell about sitting disability! They volunteered to do this project on their spare time after school. They made a 30 seconds video based on several days of recording and one year of editing. Most of the work was done during school holidays. Watch the video!

Now it is up to us to continue the information campaign about sitting disability!

The Norwegian version of the movie has been running on Norwegian national TV during all holidays in 2013.

We believe this has been a very informative project that may help thousands of people living with this unrecognized disability. Our online support group offers people further information and support. We also have an active group for people with sitting disability on Facebook with 160 members.