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The online support group Friends International was created in 2001 by two women that met in cyberspace. It was a joint effort by the American Linda Jones and the Norwegian Mosken Bergh. The group is registered in Norway as an international volunteer organization. The group is run by a team of six experienced moderators from Norway, USA and the UK. Friends International Support Group is run by volunteers and not professionals. No one receive any salary.

The administrator and owner of this website is Mosken Bergh. The editorial team for this website is Astrid Lunestad and Mosken Bergh. The content of this site is original and written by the editorial team or invited writers.

Friends International is based on the pillars of self help. The group is connecting people living with disabling chronic pain around the world, that otherwise would have lived an isolated life. Together they have raised awareness for chronic pain and especially sitting disability that used to be an unrecognized disability.

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